Our family tradition continues in all it's glory

About Georgian Winery

Georgia is a home of wine-making and a place of vast history of producing high quality of wine. Archaeological discoveries confirm that Georgia is enriched with around 530 indigenous grape varieties, of which dozens are widely used nowadays for winemakin Georgia, situated between Europe and Asia, is considered to be a cradle of wine and winemaking. Archeological discoveries provide evidence that the culture of wine derivation was germinated in Georgia. Georgian “Qvevri” winemaking dates back 8000 years. Georgia is situated on the boundary of subtropical and temperate zones, granted with wide variety of climate types that are known to the Earth. Georgia has rich and fertile soil, Caucasian mountains that do not allow cold air to enter from the North and Georgia is considered to be home of vine-growing and wine-making and a zone of producing high quality of wine. History confirms that there existed about 500 breed of grapes on the territory of Georgia. Nowadays 27 of them are remained and widely used.

What we make


Chacha is a Georgian pomace brandy, a clear and strong, which is sometimes colled “vine vodka”, “grape vodka”, or “Georgian vodka/grappa”. Its is made of grape pomace. The term chacha is used in Georgia to refer to grape distillate. It may be also produced from unripe or wild grapes.


Trade mark Kartuli holds Chachiashivli Family Wines and other alcoholic drinks: clasical Georgian wine, traditional Qvevri wine, Georgian brandy, Georgian ChaCha and Georgian liquor wine.

Our History

1988 – 2008

In 1988 Petre Chachiashvili Died, Georgia lost huge winemaker in history, Nobody was using his technology until Grandson's not started to rebuild all technology which Petre was using, So in 2008 year, Grandsons started to learn all records which Petre wrote about Winemaking, and after 3 year Grandsons, started to produce wine which technology was totally written by Petre, and 2011 year Grandsons created company name by Kartuli Winery, Till now company is selling more than 34 countries different type of Wines like : Kindzmarauli, Saperavi, Tsolikauri, Tsitska, Rkatsiteli,


Petre Chachiashvili was born in 1908 in the village of Argveta in Zestaponi, In 1931 he graduated from the Tbilisi Agricultural Institute. After graduating from the institute, he worked at the "Samtredia" in the Tsinandali Winery, the Soviet Union Winery of Vachevi and Argaveta. In 1934 Petre went to Zestafoni as the chief winemaker of the Industrial Union, where he worked until 1951. Then he is chief winemaker of Zestaponi Industrial Union. With his direct participation Imereti-type Georgian wines were created - "Tsitska", "Tsolikauri", "Sviri", "Argve". Was a veteran of labor, received government awards.

Qvevry Technology

The Oldest Wine Vessel
Georgian Qvevri is the oldest and unique wine vessel in the world which dates 8000 years back. Qvevri wine-making method was given UNESCO status of non-material cultural heritage. The oldest wine vessel in Georgia was found on the territory of Marneuli. It is dated VI-V centuries B.C.

Georgian Qvevri Today
Georgian Qvevri is made of clay. It is used for fermentation, aging and keeping of wine. Georgian Qvevri is always put into ground till its neck, so it takes lots of skills and labor to keep and maintain it. In Eastern Georgia Qvevri is usually kept in cellars while in Western Georgia they keep it outdoors.

Qvevri Wine
Qvevri wine method is special because grape juice is fermented together with grape skin and seeds. Next, wine is matured on fermented Chacha (which is called “Mother of Wine” in Georgia) for six months, until spring. After this process we get naturally filtered, crystal clear amber colored wine which is much extracted. Qvevri wine has unique aroma and flavor which is characteristic only for this type of wines.

Our family tradition continues in all it's glory